Spy on a Computer Remotely

Spy on a Computer Remotely

With Keystroke Recorder, you can spy on a computer remotely; then, you are able to know who touched your computer and what he did with it when you are away; what your kids do online and keep them from internet dangers; whether your employee is leaking company important information; and find out a cheating spouse online.

Keystroke Recorder

Keystroke Recorder is a powerful program because it has many functions.

1. Log all keystrokes: Log any messages sent with any chat messenger or email account. Log all website addresses and online searches typed in. Log all website and application passwords users’ type. Log documents that user type and edit. Log keystrokes typed in any application.

2. Take pictures of screen. Keystroke Recorder can capture pictures of screen at your set time interval, you can set it to take snapshots every second if you want to view other’s online activities more clearly. This keystroke monitoring software gives you visual proof of user activities with its automatic screenshot playback, allows you to see everything users did, and when they did.

3. Send log reports via email. This program allows you to keep an eye on your computer from a remote location by sending email activity logs of all keystrokes typed, along with screenshots of the user’s desktop, at set time intervals. Without any body touch you can know what happened to the monitored computer no matter where you are.

Something you should know when you want to spy on a computer remotely

It is not arbitrary for you to monitor or spy other person’s computer. Before you get start to spy on personal computers, you must first acknowledge and agree to the fact that you are the owner of the remote PCs you wish to spy on. It is a federal and state offense to install monitoring or surveillance software on a PC of which you do not own. Why do you want to remotely spy on another PC? Following may be the main answers to this question. To know who touched your PC when you are away. To know what your kids do on the internet and keep them from bad stuffs. To prevent company secrets from being leaked. To catch a cheating spouse online. If your answer is out of these reasons, and may be harmful to other people’s rights. You should not use this remote monitoring software. Because our software is only used for home and company monitoring, strictly forbid used for illegal purpose.

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