Software to Monitor Internet Usage

Software to Monitor Internet Usage


Child’s internet activities are the ultimate concern of parents, how to monitor kid’s internet usage has long been a topic of discussion since network come into vogue. But generally, parents are not good at computer technology; using existing software tool to do it is a good method. Just under this background, we developed and publish keystroke recorder. High practicality, low price and friendly interface are three reviews which are talked with our customers frequently.

Keystroke Recorder

Other Applications of Internet Usage Monitoring Software

1. Prevent other people steal your files when they use your computer. Sometimes, other people need to use your computer, but there are many private files which you don’t want others to see and take away. At this time, download and install software to monitor internet usages and activities is excellent approach and you needn’t be afraid your private information will be divulged.

2. Recover your lost computer. You can use our software to monitor computer remotely because it can send all logs to your computer. After you lost your computer, when others use this computer, you can know much information about him (or her), and then you can recover your computer by policeman. Although this is not the aim that we developed it, but a customer send us email and tell us this thing which happen to him.