Software to Monitor Children Online

Software to Monitor Children Online

Keystroke Recorder is invisible software to monitor children’s online activities; this tiny monitoring program works in hidden mode, has no icon show in desktop or start menu, and also with stealth storage path. So it is nearly has no door for children to find it, let alone remove it. Just as its name implies, it could record all keystroke down, including keystroke input of instant messages, email, Face book, twitter, URL, search content, user name, password and so on. Besides, this undetectable kid monitoring software is able to capture screenshot as fast as every second like cameral taking continuous snap shots; the captures pictures have high quality allow parents to know exactly what their kids do online, just like parents were standing behind children the moment when children online. The last and important point is Keystroke Recorder has the function of sending log reports to parental appointed mail box, therefore, even if parents are far away from their children, they are still able to control children’s online behavior.

Keystroke Recorder

More details about Keystroke Recorder to monitor children online

1. When parents want to monitor kid’s online activity, you should first free download trial version or buy full version, and then install it in computer that your kid use frequently. And make sure the computer you monitored is Windows operation system, because Keystroke Recorder is only suit for Windows OS.
2. It’s flexible enough; if keyboard and mouse are idle for X second, then it will stop taking screen shot. This function can prevent capturing useless pictures and reduce storage space.
3. It supports install and uninstall, when you need to remove it, it can be removed quite clean, leaves no remains. Meanwhile, it is clean software without ad or virus.
4. The main purpose of this software is to help parents to monitor children’s online behavior, take proper solution and prevent children from Internet danger.

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