Hidden Voice Recorder Software – PC Voice Spy Recorder

Hidden Voice Recorder Software – PC Voice Spy Recorder


When this hidden voice recording software is running, there is no any window or icon shows in desktop. If you need to un-hide it, you should press default hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R. If you have changed hotkey, you should press the new hotkey which you have setted before. It will record both side voice including microphone and sound card. Computer user won’t know their voice contents have been recorded. Of course, you can use it to record your own voice chat content to remember it.

PC Voice Spy Recorder

Who Need Hidden Voice Recorder Software

1, Parents of child who just does computers.
Child is in a highly impressionable age. It is not wise to humor a small child. So many young father or mother want to monitor their kids’ computer activities. There are many keystroke recorder software in internet. But it can only capture the text chat and other visual screen shot. It is quite powerless in sound monitoring. PC Voice Spy Recorder is special software to record your child’s computer voice secretly.

2, helpless husband or wife
Many spouse doubt their better half is cheating them and taking a new lover in internet. This lead their spouse’s words stuck in their throat. In order to prove their innocence, you can let them install spy voice recorder software in your computer to stop their mouth.

3, Intelligent boss
Many company provide online voice technical support. attitude in attending to customers determine company’s success or not. Poor services will lead company bust up. So it is necessarily to record all the sound when they answer customer’s question. Hidden voice recorder software is best choice to do it.