How to Monitor Skype Conversations

How to Monitor Skype Conversations


Since Microsoft Corporation acquire Skype and close windows live messenger, more and more people begin to use Skype to chat with their net friends. How to monitor Skype conversations have become pop keywords in the internet. Many parents want to know their child’s Skype conversations history urgently. Our software is beyond all doubt the finest monitoring software to do it.

Keystroke Recorder

FAQ about How to Monitor Skype Conversations with Keystroke Recorder

Q: I only want to monitor the computer activities when others are using Skype, how to set it?
A: Please checked “Active window process filtering”, and then input “skype.exe” in the following edit-box, after you set it, the interface of software is as the following picture.
Only Monitor Skype Conversations

Q: I want to monitor Skype voice chat or Skype call, how to accomplish?
A: We not only provide software to monitor Skype text chat conversation. But also we provide spy software to monitor Skype voice chat and Skype call. You can download another software which is named PC Voice Spy Recorder to do it.

Q: Why can I only see 3 full sized screenshots?
A: The trial version can only record 3 full sized screenshots. You can lift this restriction by purchasing it.

Q: If other people can know I am monitoring them?
A: Nobody will know their Skype conversations are monitored with you unless you tell them yourself.