Log Computer and Internet Usage Activity

Log Computer and Internet Usage Activity

How to log computer activity is a problem that annoying for many PC users. Many parents want to know their child’s internet activity when they are not at home. Many kids are inconsistency when they are facing to parent and back to parent. They perform well when you are at home, but as soon as you go out, they show their true colors. Especially in today’s society, children can come into contact with all kinds of people and things easily in the internet. Using computer activity logger software is necessary for busy parents.

How to Log Computer Usage Activity with Keystroke Recorder

1. Download our software from our website or other download website.
You can not only download our software in our website. Also you can download it at many download website, such as download.com, softpedia.com, brothersoft.com, etc.

2. Install this logging software to target computer which you want to monitor.
Some computer newbie believe that they can log other computer activities after they install monitoring software in their own computer. But this is an illusion and is impossible. You should install it to the object computer with yourself.

3. See log of computer activity in email or target PC.
You can find a folder which is named “data” in the installation path. For example, if you install our software in D:Program Fileskrsh, you can find all logs of computer usage activities in D:Program Fileskrshdata. In addition, if you have set your email address in our software, you can see these data in the inbox of your email account.

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