LAN Controller – Remote Desktop Software to Spy & Manage LAN PC

LAN Controller – Remote Desktop Software to Spy & Manage LAN PC


LAN Controller software is divided into two parts, one for employee and another for manager. Before you can monitor them, you should install the two parts to both sides personally. After you install the agent software in employee’s computer, setting window will pop up automatically, you need to input the IP address of manager’s computer to it. If you need to reset the parameter in the future, you can press hot key Alt+L to unhide it.

LAN Controller

LAN Controller Applies to:

1, Remote monitor and remote control all computers in your company.
Do you have any idea how to run a business? Do you know how to upgrade company performance? I think you should concerned with product quality, after-sales service and product promotion. All these are done by your employee. So the most basic way of business is manage employees. strict scientific management is the keystone of success. With LAN Controller, employees won’t do their own private things interminably such as chatting online, playing stock markets, surfing in internet, etc. Further more, perfecting the rules and regulations of company and combined with our software will obtain higher efficiency. Off course, Not all the companies used it to monitor employee. Some company or department used it to assist solve other problems.

2, Monitor and manage all computers in classroom or computer lab for teacher
Now, most of school have offered computer lesson. But many students don’t listen to teacher attentively and they have their own way in computer. In order to strengthen their education, using LAN Control is first choice for teacher. It will regulate the behavior of students. Also computer lab administrator can use it to transfer files or remote control other computers easily.

3, Monitor your child’s computer in your computer at home
In many families, parents and child each have personal computer at home. Parents are tired from running around their child’s room to supervise kid’s online behaviors. Now with LAN Controller, you can play your computer in your bedroom leisurely, Because you can see your child’s computer desktop in real time. Also you can forbid kid to run some program or forbid them to play game.

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