How to Know If Your Husband is Cheating Online

How to Know If Your Husband is Cheating Online

When your instinct tells you that your husband is something different, it is possible that he has an affair online? Some of the most common signs of online cheating are lined out.

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1. Spend more time online with door closed. Spend a lot of time online is not strange for us modern people as we need computer and Internet to work and live. However, if your husband suddenly use computer more frequently and also with door closed, when you arrive, he’d close computer immediately, then it could indicate that your husband is having an online affair.
2. Change password to his computer. Your husband once shared his computer password with you, or often left his computer open, then changed his computer password all in a sudden, and unwilling to tell you the new password. It might mean that there is something in his computer he doesn’t want to let you know.
3. Clean computer history. It is an obvious indicator of online cheating that your husband’s computer history is quite clean. If your husband has always left their history on their computer before, but then they suddenly start clearing their computer history with no apparent explanation, it could mean that they have something to hide.
4. Unwilling to share password of Facebook. If your husband doesn’t want to share his Facebook password with you, or suddenly change his password, even more, he is unwilling to add you as a friend on their social networking accounts. No doubt, there are something wrong, you have the necessity to suspect your husband of cheating online.

If your husband has some or all of these signs, you want to accuse him of cheating. Then make sure you have certain proof. How to get proof? How to Know If Husband is Cheating Online? Maybe you need stealth monitoring software to spy on your husband’s computer. Keystroke Recorder is hidden key logger software which is able to capture every keystroke and screenshot, and then send recorded data to your appointed mailbox automatically. It is a smart choice.

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