Keystroke Recorder Software to Log Keyboard Input and Typing

Keystroke Recorder Software to Log Keyboard Input and Typing


Keystroke Recorder is easy to learn because the software interface is terse and friendly. As shown in the following picture, this is the full size interface of running first time. Generally, you don’t need to modify any parameter if you are unsure what will happen after you change it. But talking objectively, I thought you can use it skillfully after a quick glance.

Keystroke Recorder

Keystroke Recorder Applies to:

1, Monitor your child’s computer Children are the most precious private property of parents. So generally parents doted their kids. Many parents only care for joyful giving and material giving but overlook their cultural world and bring them up too loose. Now many young children abandon their self to computer badly. The first thing of after school is turn on their computer as soon as they reached home. Many parents worried about their child will meet bad friend or fall in puppy love. But with hidden keystroke recorder software, your fear is unnecessary. You can discover all the computer activities exactly. With the email sending function, even you can monitor your home computer when you are in your company office.

2, Monitor our own computer with keystroke recorder when other people used it Some times, we can find somebody ask question of “how to monitor my computer” in internet. Some people doubt why they need to spy their own computer. The reason is simple, because other people use their computer usually. Maybe there are some private files such as photographs in computer. In order to prevent others to steal our file, we have to use keystroke recording software to monitor our own computer.

3, Monitor Your Employee with Keystroke Recorder Generally, boss will appoint their closest person to do the most important job such as finance personnel, cashier. But some time, we have to appoint a person who you don’t trust to do this job. In order to prevent cheating, we have to download undetectable computer spy tool to log their keyboard input and monitor their computer screen.

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