Keystroke Capture Software

Keystroke Capture Software

Keystroke capture software is called keylogger by many people. It is perfectly legal program for home computer monitoring. Maybe some antivirus software will point out it is spyware or malware, but it won’t influence your computer safety absolutely. When you submit our software to and then scan it with dozens of antivirus engines, you can find only little antivirus engines indicate it is spyware in scan result (some result has made it quite clear that it is not a virus).

Keystroke Recorder

Keystroke Capture Software Benefit for:

1. Parents who have to work a busy schedule.
Confronting the pressure of life, young parents have to work during the day and night. Usually they ignore the vital question of children’s education. Some parents believe child will grow up smoothly if they provide enough material guarantees. As a matter of fact, child is innocent, their development need parents’ true guidance. In this computer age, protecting their internet safety is extraordinarily important. No doubt, using our computer monitoring software is the best choice.

2. Boss who is cheating with dishonest employee.
Every company has important post. These posts concern company’s growth. Good management often can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful operation. Downloading and installing keystroke logging software to know employee’s computer activities is a good method to prevent cheat. With it, employee will work hard instead of idlesse.

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