How to Monitor Kid’s Internet Activity

How to Monitor Kid’s Internet Activity

Tip 1: Use monitoring software. Keystroke Recorder is one of the best software for monitoring kid’s Internet activity. It works in stealth mode, hidden storage path, no showing icon make your kid cannot find it, let alone remove it. Keystroke Recorder is able to log every keystroke down which includes text input of instant messenger, email, website, username, and password and so on; it can also capture screenshots of computer screen as fast as every second, as a result, what your children did with computer and what their Internet activity can be recorded detailed with pictures. What is more, if you and your spouse are away from home, it’s ok, Keystroke Recorder would send recorded data to your appointed mail box automatically. So no matter where you are, you can monitor your kid’s Internet activities yet.

Keystroke Recorder

Tip 2: Make the computer in public rooms and set rules for them. If computer is set in your kid’s bedroom, kids may surf the Internet freewheeling once close their bedroom door, then you have difficult in keeping closer tabs on what they are doing. Keep computer in family room, drawing room or even kitchen, when your kids use computer you can know clearly. Talk to kids openly about the Internet dangers and threats, and online privacy; tell them what they should not do online, and if possible, you will install monitoring software in computer.

Tip 3: Be friend of kid’s Facebook, twitter etc. Many children have their own Facebook account, and spend much time on it, sharing their current news. Be friend of your kids’ Facebook account, then you could receive notifications whenever they add a new friend, and you will have access to their entire friend list, and also be able to see their posts and photos. Kid’s social interaction is under your control.

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