Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software

Our software is the first choice for employee monitoring. Simple interface that is very easy to both use and learn. Within five minutes, you can finish all preparatory work and start to monitor an employee’s computer screen. If you need, then you can discover more functions by clicking menu bar and navigation bar.

LAN Spy Software

It has the following good points compared with other employee monitoring software

1. Easy to use.
Some other monitoring software has many superfluous functions which almost nobody will use it. Even though the functions are perfect, but accompanied by high price and difficulty to learn. LAN Controller has been integrated with most important function such as real-time monitoring, remote controlling and file management. Even computer novice also can begin to use it within few minutes.

2. Full support with all windows system.
Every few years, Microsoft will release new windows versions. Our software support Windows Me, XP, Vista, Win 7 and Windows 8 which released recently. In future, it will compatible with all windows system such as windows 9 and 10.

3. Keystroke monitoring in real time.
When other employees pressed in their keyboard, the visible character will show in server software of LAN Controller. This is an interesting and magic function. You can see characters which are inputting in employee’s computer now and it will appear in your computer one after the other. Many keylogger software saved keystroke in disk of local computer. But our software transports it to manager’s computer and saved it intensively.

4. Good quality and cheap price.
Unlike the other similar products, our employee monitoring software won’t provide special offer and discount product. It is fair to all our customers. It is always relatively low in cost. No matter you purchased it in Christmas or other ordinary days, you can order it with the same price.