Computer Lab Monitoring Software for Schools

Computer Lab Monitoring Software for Schools

In general, a school shares the same local area network, that is to say, computers in school computer lab on the same LAN. LAN Controller is just the software for monitoring computer lab; it can monitor all computers in lab easily. LAN Controller has two parts, the server part software for teacher’s computer, and the agent part for students’ computers. Install these two parts in every computer respectively, and then set some options as the software request. And then, it begins to work. It is quite simple and easy-to-use. It works in back ground in students’ computers, shows no icon, teachers can press hot key Alt+ L to unhide it when need to reset the parameter.

LAN Spy Software

What can this computer lab monitoring software for school do?

1. Monitor student’s computer screens. All student computer screens can be showed in teacher’s computer in matrix, monitor all computer activities like a surveillance video camera taking videos in real time. Thus teacher is able to know simply whether students are following the class or not.

2. Transfer and manage files. Teacher can transfer files to all student computers, and teacher can even retrieve modified and saved files from the student computers to the instructor computer at the end of class.

3. Remote control. Teacher can terminate the programs which are running on student’s computer, send message or command to their computer remotely. What’s more, it even allows teacher to shut down other computers in lab and forbid them using USB storage device.

4. Log keystroke, website visit history and network traffic. This Computer Lab Monitoring Software is able to record what websites students visited at which time, what input with keyboard, and download and upload transferring speed when the transfer rate outs of limits.