Best Parental Control Software for Windows

Best Parental Control Software for Windows


Functions of this best parental control software

1. Record all websites browse history. This great software can log the websites; allow you to what websites your kids went into, whether the sites are healthy and proper for them. Then you can act appropriately to the situation.

2. Filter websites. You want to forbid your kids visiting some improper sites, or you just allow them visit some specified websites, this parental control program can assist you realize it.

3. Log all keystrokes. All text content of email and message send, website text input and other input with keyboard will be recorded and saved automatically. Thus you are able to know clearly what your kids did online.

4. Capture screen shot. It can monitor and capture your kids’ computer screen in real time as a surveillance camera. These high quality pictures let you know your children’s online behavior much more distinctly.

5. Remote control and manage. You are able to terminate programs which are running on your kid’s computer, send message to their computer remotely in your own computer in local area network.

Why parents need parental software to keep kids safe online or in home network

The main reason is that Internet exist quite a lot of dangers.

1. Nasty websites. Nowadays, porn sites popping up like mushrooms. Young kids may encounter these by accident. Gambling sites, sites promoting drugs or weapons, school cheating sites, there are a lot of places on the Internet your kids shouldn’t go.

2. Dangerous Contacts. E-mail, instant messaging, and social networking allow your children a rich opportunity to communicate with friends and family even when they’re not nearby. It also exposes them to contact from absolutely anyone at all, including people you’d never let near them in person.

3. Too Much Information. Social networking is so much fun, kids love to share their thoughts and impressions with friends. This is a problem when they share your family information with all net citizens.

4. Cyber-bullying. It’s fun for kids to connect with friends and family through social networking and chat, but this ability has a dark side. Kids can be insulted and bullied online, sometimes the point of feeling suicidal. And unlike physical bullying, parents can’t see cyber-bullying when it happens.

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