Best Network Monitoring Tool

Best Network Monitoring Tool

If you are manager of a company or an office, maybe you are trying to find out why your office network is so congested and slow, and you need something that will allow you to look at all the machines in the network and see who is being a piggy; or some of your employees are not concentrate on work but things that have nothing to do with job like watching movies, playing computer games, browse websites etc., you want to catch them out. If you are parent of young kids, and own several computers at home, your kids all likes using computers and surf the Internet, you must worry about their safety online, because there are quite a lot Internet dangers and threats in these days, and kids are very innocent, they can be easy influenced by various ideas that not good. You want to know what activities they do online, forbid them running some certain progress or visiting some certain sites. Your first and beat choice must be LAN Controller, as it is tailor made for solving these questions.

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Something about the Best Network Monitoring Tool – LAN Controller

Comparing with other network monitoring tool, LAN Controller has more advantages than other tools, because it is powerful and full-featured software.

1. Monitor and track network traffic. This great program can monitor computers’ network transfer speed effectively, as you could set traffic limit, when the transfer speed is out of limit, it will record down automatically.

2. All-round functions. Besides monitor network traffic, LAN Controller can also take snapshots of computer screen in real time, log all keystrokes of other computers, record websites visited history, filter websites and programs, remote control and send messages to other computers and so on.

3. One program can monitor all computers in LAN. No matter how many computers are there in your local area network, this software can deal well. Only install agent part in your computer and server part in other computers, all things are done. What’s more, it has excellent quality and reasonable price.

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