Best Enterprise Network Management Software

Best Enterprise Network Management Software

LAN Controller, powerful and functional local area network monitoring software specialized for enterprise network management. It could monitor and manage all computers in LAN easily, what you need notice is it only applies to Windows OS. When installed its server part in manager’s PC and agent part in employees’ computers, and set some setting options, things have finished. Then it begins to work perfectly. It is actually a user-friendly program.

LAN Spy Software

Functions of this best enterprise network management software

1. LAN Controller has the function of recording websites visited history; it is able to log every computer’s site browsing history detailed with its visiting time. Thus manager can know which employees visited no work related websites, and what sites they always went to.

2. If manager found employees like browsing entertainment or online game websites, then filtering websites function can be greatly helpful. Forbidding certain sites or only allowing employees go to some company work related sites, these would reduce employees wasting time on online recreation.

3. Monitor and log network traffic of every computer, manager has the right to set upload and download transfer rate limits. When employees’ network transfer rate out of limit, LAN Controller would record them down clearly.

4. Monitor employees’ computer screens in real time like cameral taking continuous pictures. It is able to watch all employees by flatting out all of the screens. By this way, manage could control employees’ real time activities clearly.

5. Remote management and control. Managing files and terminating programs in other computers are piece of cake, besides, LAN Controller also can forbid employee’s computer running some programs such as instant messenger.

6. Track keystroke input. What staff input with keyboard also can be logged down, including documents, email, IM and so on.