Best Computer Spy Program

Best Computer Spy Program

Keystroke Recorder is a kind of computer spy software which could monitor and record computer activities secretly. It is able to not only log keystrokes which include instant messages, email, files, website address, user name and password input, but also take snapshots of computer screen in real time, obviously, this invisible software flexible enough, as it can be set to capture screen shots of some appointed programs like Skype, Face book, twitter and so on, and stop making photos when keyboard and mouse are idle for a certain time. The recorded keystrokes and screenshots data can be saved and sent to appointed mail box automatically.
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Keystroke Recorder is green software occupies a tiny computer memory, so it nearly has no impact to computer, and it runs in totally stealth mode, the monitored person can’t discover its existence. It is developed for all Windows operate system computers, 32 bites and 64 bytes of windows 8, windows 7, XP, vista etc. because it is able to send log reports to you via email, so the target computer can be remote monitored.

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Why we need this best computer spy program?

In many people’s mind, spy software is an illegal tool or virus program, it log your important or privacy data and spread through the Internet. While in fact, spy software can help us a lot when we use it reasonable. If you are trying to catch your spouse or partner cheating, then you have probably thought about many methods. Hiring a private investigator may seem ideal, but it must be expensive. One of the options that you may want to take into consideration is a computer spy software program that can be installed on the computer to catch your spouse or partner in the act. Since most people communicate through email and instant messages these days, it can be a great way to find out if you are being cheated on. And Keystroke Recorder is one of the best computer spy program that should be chosen and used. If your teenager kid spend a large amount of time on computer and especially in his room alone, then, parents must feel anxious. On count of Internet is full of danger and lure, and kid is curious and has not enough self-control. Put a spy program in kid’s computer can be a good way to know his online behavior, prevent him from danger.


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