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Keystroke Recorder

Keystroke Recorder - Log All Keyboard Input and monitor screen shot

Keystroke Recorder is keyboard spy and screen capture software to monitor your home PC invisibility. By viewing the keylogger and screen shots which have been recorded by this software, you can discover some unexpected things such as your young child has fall in love with his classmate of opposite sex or other unwanted things. If we cann’t discover and stop it as early as possible, it will have serious consequences in the near future. There's nothing like being beforehand. Using hidden keystroke recorder software is the best way to know all the activities which happened in your concerned computer. It will track all keyboard typing and save logs to a text file which named as current date. All the instant messages which chatted with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook or any other chat software will be recorded exactly. Further more, many passwords also will be recorded stealthily. AS an expanding function, screen monitoring let the monitoring process more clearly, you can piece together more details to reappear entire process when other people used your computer in your mind.

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LAN Controller

LAN Controller - LAN Monitoring and Remote Control Software

LAN Controller is invisible LAN monitoring software for manager or network administrator to monitor all computers in local network. It has the following functions:
1, LAN monitoring: You can watch all computer screens in your own computer real-time.
2, LAN remote controlling: You can remote control any computer with your mouse and keyboard just like you are using your own computer.
3, Web site logging and filtering : It records all the visited web site address and visiting time. Also it can forbids or allow others to visite some website only.
4, Traffic monitoring: It shows every computer’s real-time traffic. With it you can know who has occupied too much network bandwidth.
5, Keystroke Recording: You can see the keystroke which is typing in the remote computer instantly.
6, Program running restriction: You can forbid other computers to run appointed programs or games.
7, Managing all files in your network: You have ability to manage all files in whole LAN, such as transfer file which is in other computer to your computer. Further more, all operation is unknown to other computer user and it won’t affect them to use their computer.

PC Voice Spy Recorder

PC Voice Spy Recorder

Many people want to know how to record the voice which input from microphone and output from speaker secretly. It is easy, PC Voice Spy Recorder will help you to realize it. It will begin to record when somebody use this computer to take a call or voice chat with Skype, Yahoo Messenger or other chat software. When they stop to chat, it will stop record and save the voice chat contents as .wav file to your hard disk. If you want to record ambient sound of computer, you can set the software begin work immediately when your computer has started up. In this situation, other people’s phone sound near the computer will be recorded with this voice spy software secretly.


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